About Us


Our mission is to improve the relationship between Doctors and other Healthcare Providers and Patients or Consumers by providing a format to help Patients or Consumers (who are willing to pay for their care at the time of service) find Doctors and other Healthcare Providers who are seeking private pay patients, thus eliminating the interference and expense of third parties.


The DocCost concept was born in 2008 as a potential free market solution to the ever rising cost of health care in the United States. 


Noting problems in our current system, such as, Government paid systems and Insurance companies that underpay physicians while at the same time require them to maintain larger than necessary staffing or outsourcing for the paperwork required by these institutions, collections for these services taking an average of 60-90 days, and other issues that drive up costs for Doctors, we determined that an open market for patients who are willing to pay cash at the time of service would help Doctors and other Heathcare Providers lower costs and allow patients to compare charges.


Just as this concept was ready to go to the developers, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka: Obamacare) began taking shape.  In its original form, the act would have eliminated about 80% of the need for DocCost. However, once the final version was passed in 2010 and the inability of the act to provide coverage for many and that others with coverage are likely to participate in high deductible health plans, we knew DocCost could help millions of Americans. As such, development was restarted and the site went live for beta testing in May of 2012.