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Welcome to DocCost.com, a medical price transparency site where self-pay patients can find physicians and other Healthcare Providers who seek cash patients.

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Benefits of Participation Summary:

  • Make it easy for patients to find cash physicians and know their cash prices in advance of calling to schedule an appointment.

  • Help physicians find self-pay patients.

  • Help patients and others recognize the affordability of most medical care needs.

  • Help fundamentally change medical care back to a direct relationship between the physician and patient without third party interference and related costs.

  • Serve as a catalyst to encourage more physicians to embrace the cash model for their practice.\

 If you are ready to sign-up but want to watch our "How To" videos first, Click Here to watch the Sign-up videos.

With approximately 40 million Americans without health insurance, tens of millions more with High Deductible individual plans and even more employer based health insurance plans moving toward high deductibles, there is a growing number of people who need to know their out-of-pocket costs for medical care. Studies show that people with no insurance or high deductible plans are delaying care due to their concerns over out-of-pocket costs.

It has become increasingly important for patients to know how affordable medical care can be without third party intervention in the patient-physician relationship.

With DocCost.com, self-pay patients will have a realistic idea of what to expect to pay for your services. Certainly complications can arise, but seeking medical treatment with a rough idea of cost is better than not seeking care because of fear of expense.

While price should not be the only reason to choose a physician or other healthcare provider, it is an important consideration for patients who are paying out-of-pocket. We encourage patients to consider other factors (such as referrals) in selecting their medical care providers. This site will not diagnose or suggest treatment. It just helps the consumer find a qualified medical professional to help them secure appropriate medical treatments for their needs.

Patients who use DocCost.com are expecting to make payment at the time of service, so you will have no waiting time for payment, and no insurance company adjusting or denying your fees. Whether you wish to receive payment by cash, check or credit card is completely up to you.

Additionally, without the interference of third parties, you will be able to determine the best and most appropriate treatment for your patient without having to gain authorization prior to treatment. Imagine practicing medicine without the interference and administrative expense of dealing with some clerk in an insurance office!

There is no cost to medical care providers or patients to participate in DocCost.com. You are not making any financial commitment to DocCost.com by entering your information. We will never ask you to pay for your registration, renewal, or to "upgrade" your registration. Free means FREE - No tricks, no surprises.


Sign-up Process Video Tutorials:

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The Association of American Physicians and Surgeions (AAPS) has gracoiusly offered all fully registered DocCost.com Physicians a free, one-year trial membership in AAPS. for more information on AAPS, visit http://www.aapsonline.org.




DocCost.com is a completely self-funded project designed to support and promote free market medical care. Donations will be used to help defray the cost of maintaining and updating DocCost.com and to promote participation of medical care providers. Donations are not required, but we greatly appreciate any donations to help support our efforts.




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